Harbour Lunch

19.06.2017 - 23.06.2017

Monday 26 Iunie 2017

Fisherman borsch

Beef stew with peppers and tomatoes sauce

Mushrooms stew

Smoked sausages with cooked cabagge

Mashed potatoes


Tuesday 27 Iunie 2017

Tripe soup

Chicken stew

Marinated meatballs

Carp brine



Wednesday 28 Iunie 2017

Bean soup with bacon

Grandma's chicken

Chicken breast stuffed with chicken liver

Porc leg with wine sauce and mushrooms

Steamed potatoes


Thursday 29 Iunie 2017

Vegetables soup

Pork medallion with provence sauce

Chicken with caulliflower

Chicken stew

Serbian rice


Friday 30 Iunie 2017

Meatballs soup with sourcream

Chicken breast with tomatoes sauce and bell pepper

Chicken with eggplants

Beef stroganoff

Mashed potatoes


At only 22.90 Lei
Between 11.30 and 18.00, limited stock available.